Guest post by Joe Crews

Confederate General Jeb Stuart once remarked that he did not want to survive the death of liberty in his country. On May 12, 1864 his wish was granted.On May 11, Stuart was fatally wounded during a Calvary charge. In this time of immense challenge and opportunity, I think we all would do well to ponder the caliber of such a man, regardless of our political affiliations or heritage.

The reason is that if the current polls continue, we may soon elect the first candidate likely to preside over and usher in the death of the greatest political system the world has ever known.

The complicity of the mainstream media in ignoring the Marxist background and terrorist connections – including Islamic – of the leading presidential candidate speaks volumes; namely that the Fabian revolution began in the late 1800’s is not only well advanced but on the threshold of victory. Consider that the lifelong grooming of Manchurian candidate Obama began in Hawaii whereby his own admission he was “mentored” by the leader of a communist cell, Frank Marshall Davis. Even though Davis was sent to Hawaii to spy on U.S. military installations and edit the Hawaiian communist newspaper, the fellow travelers in the media only saw fit to report that Davis was a “poet”. Neglected was the revelation that the “poetry” of the pedophile Davis waxed full of praise to Joseph Stalin.

Further ignored is the credible evidence that money from radical Islamisists not only financed Obama’s education but also his presidential campaign with what could possibly amount to hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal overseas contributions.

While the mainstream media fawn over Obama’s “eloquence” they ignore other credible evidence that the communist terrorist William Ayers ghostwrote Obama’s “Dreams of My Father.” For his part, Obama refuses to release any of his university papers that could easily disprove this assertion if indeed it is untrue. Yet, the mainstream media just yawns. The hypocrisy is nearly incalculable. Imagine the furious non-stop assault upon McCain if it was suspected that domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh ghostwrote a memoir for him.

Ironically, McCain helped to craft the sword that Obama will wield to slay not only the McCain campaign but also free and open political discourse. While McCain/Feingold expressly limits the very speech the first amendment sought to protect, the Orwellian “Fairness Doctrine” praised by democrat leaders, will destroy any media source not willing to dispense politically correct propaganda. Yes, change IS coming. They may not call it the “Fairness Doctrine” but rest assured whether it comes under another name or program, the thought police will be on patrol to intimidate, harass or shut-down those pesky dissenters.

Moreover, pastors, who from the days of our founders until the mid 1950’s, regularly opined on matters political, now face fines and imprisonment if they do not meekly acquiesce to a truncated exposition of the Word they claim is relevant to all arenas of life. To avoid these recriminations, one must be either a liberal, a minority, or both. The dearth of conservative pastors willing to challenge this unconstitutional abridgment contrasts markedly from the pastors who helped to found this country and served as leaders in the revolutionary war when the certain penalty for their civil disobedience was the loss of life, rather than a tax exemption.

Our culture, by tolerating and even celebrating degeneracy, has largely destroyed the only foundation upon which a free society can stand: moral turpitude. The communist founder of the ACLU, Roger Baldwin, knew this well. His legacy of well-trained agitators, front group forming fellow travelers, and the useful idiots they enlist have successfully obliterated the knowledge that civil liberty is inseparable from personal responsibility, while simultaneously inculcating the belief that civil liberty is a license for irresponsibility. The stated goal of communism, to destroy us from within, continues unabated.

Forgetting that the “Government big enough to give you everything you want is the government big enough to take away all that you have”, Americans leaders obligingly prostrate themselves before a beast of their own creation while it nationalizes the financial industry, devalues the currency and condemns generations yet unborn to serfdom. Just as Voltaire cried for “More Light!” in the final moments of his life, those who have set fire to the house of human freedom now cry out for “More Fuel!” With previous experience funding the communist Chinese military and the infrastructure of Iran while head of Goldman Sachs, Secretary Paulson is well suited to dispense the pyrotechnics.

Our founders did not delineate a comprehensive list of inalienable rights. Jefferson summarized them with the words, “Among these are..” then specified the principle three in descending order. The pursuit of happiness does not sanction the trespass of liberty while the exercise of liberty must honor the right to life. In 1973 when our highest court declared the pre-eminent inalienable right to be null and void it philosophically declared that rights themselves no longer exist; only temporary privileges granted by the state. Using Roe V. Wade as cover Obama seeks to extend the slaughter of the pre-born to those born alive. The principle crime of the latter was that they had the “audacity” to survive the attempt to kill them. Perhaps Obama could enlighten the world as to just how old a child must be before that child becomes endowed with inalienable rights.

The Messianic character of the Obama Cult is a direct manifestation of deeply imbibing the proclamation of the Humanist Manifesto that mankind “must save itself”. This declaration, ala Hegel, is in essence a deification of the individual (god) and the collective (God). It makes the state the ultimate arbiter of good and evil, and thus makes the doctrine of enumerated powers so passé. This doctrine, espoused by our founders, is only rational if a transcendent moral authority exists whose jurisdiction supersedes human opinion.

Never mind that the all Utopian Revolutions so deceived have produced the worst tyrannies in the history of mankind. The press, having elevated Obama to the status of “Savior” must consider it a violation of protocol to either question or expose the Marxist and Islamic unseen hand in his rise to power.

For those inclined to believe that socialism is somehow either a compassionate or a Christian form of civil government, I share the words of the great theologian Oswald Chambers. Chambers wrote that, “The vision of Socialism is magnificent; these are benedictions and blessings for mankind on the line of Socialism which have never been yet; but once the root is cut from Redemption, it will be one of the most frantic forms of despotic tyranny the human race has ever known. It looks like the lamb, but when the big crisis comes, it gives life to the beast.”

Egalitarian propaganda works. Few Americans, especially democrats, are aware that Marx, Mao, Castro, et al, sang the praises of democracy. They viewed democracy as a fundamental precursor to socialism and therefore embraced democracy the same way that Obama and the modern democrat party embraces it; a vehicle to gain the attention support and participation of the masses in their own enslavement.

To those who plan to vote for Obama in November, do you really hate this country that much?

Posted with permission of author – Joe Crews