Today, I saw a church sign that stated: “God wants full custody not just weekend visits.” This belies a commonly accepted doctrine today. It’s not in agreement with the bible, however. The Bible does not teach the concept of “carnal Christianity”.

It is not possible to be converted, translated to the kingdom of God’s dear son (Col 1.13) and remain a worldling without change. Certainly, sinless perfection is not in view. Nevertheless, to embrace the idea that God saves a man then he turns again to the filth of the world to remain there is to profess that God is either not capable (1 Co 1.8-9) or not faithful to finish that good work which he has started. (Php 1.6);

This is an awful indictment against God and his Word much like the murmuring and disbelief of the Israelites in the wilderness that led to their perishing unduly. If this is the case the bible is neither inerrant nor sufficient. It cannot be profitable for reproof and correction. (2 Ti 3.16-17) Furthermore, it is suspect in all it speaks about and renders Christianity a facade and sham that the world would have one believe.

There is a form of godliness that denies the power of God – the Gospel.(2 Tim 3.5) Church leadership and laity today prefer to make excuses for the lack of holiness. Instead of contending for the faith once delivered to the saints, (Jude 1.3) the absence of fearing God has deprived the body of the wisdom necessary to overcome the world… the fear of man abounds.

The fear of man causes the spirit to be quenched. When the Holy Spirit cannot flow, there is no strength of conviction to carry ones cross. The Gospel is not proclaimed in power and men are not changed.(1 TH 1.5)

I’m reminded of a couple of Adrian Rogers quotes. “God will not have a duplex for a throne” & “The faith that fizzles before the finish was faulty from the start.”
The sign mentioned puts God and Satan in a hellish union while the Bible is clear that if your father is the Devil you are none of God’s. (Jn 8.44)