During this day of elections, I have encountered several people that are participating by non-participation. It seems almost spiritual as they talk of not voting because there is not a suitable candidate. Some of these individuals are seemingly faithful Christians and I believe they love the Lord.
However, I find too much in the Bible that is contrary to be comfortable glibly waiving my opportunity to vote. There are two primary institutions God works through – the Church and the State. Their co-existence is addressed in the Bible. We are to be influential , seeking peace in our place of habitation, .
Christians are to influence the world around them. Christians are to be salt and light (Mt 5.13-14). Part of a Christians function is allowing godly principles and thinking to flow through them to the world around them. Salt is a preservative, fighting and inhibiting corruption; seasoning and adding flavor. Salt is critical to proper use of life supporting water in the body. Salt must be sacrificed in order to be of benefit. Left in the shaker or carton it’s useless.
Light allows for the path to be seen, and dangers to be avoided, details to be observed etc….
The Israelites in Babylon were commanded to be civicly responsible while in captivity (Jer 29.4-7). Joseph, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah, Nehemiah and Mordecai are examples God’s people participating in governments that were far less than ideal or even godly.
The Christian that refuses to vote because they do not have a “suitable” candidate is akin to a physician that refuses to treat patients because they are too ill. He is taking it upon himself to limit his influence and he is seeking to stay in his container to some degree.
This reeks of the stinking thinking exhibited by Gamaliel in Acts. Many seem enamored with his reasoning. It, however, is faulty and deficient. God is sovereign and who He wills will be elected and they are in His hand to do with as He wills(Ps 75.6-7 ; Prov 21.1). We are to make choices of belief utilizing faith and discernment these that are reflected in our actions and voice (Jas 2.14-26).
This is like our daily bread, however, We are to prayerfully acknowledge we must seek it from God’s hand.He gives it to us yet if a man doesn’t work he ought not to eat. Grapes of Eschol are given to us and within our grasp but we must get off our seat and take them.
‘The fate of good men who refuse to become involved in politics is to be ruled by evil men.’ — Edmund Burke.
All men are depraved of heart the Church and the Government are institutions that are meant to restrain evil (Rom 13.1-6). Government will tend towards corruption because it is full of corrupt men. Government left unchecked without any or minimal “salty” influence decays much more quickly. We are privileged to have at least a small voice in curbing the agents if not the agency that make up the flow of the corruption in our country. It’s a shame to not utilize this capacity yet some even hold this in contempt. How tragic this is.
Remember this. ‘Duty is ours, consequences are God’s’ – General “Stonewall” Jackson. Just be a faithful steward of your voice.
Especially with our heritage and history in this country , how can we not speak up and vote? How can we not cast off the yoke of mental apathy and put our hands to the political plough?